Chevrat Pinto NYC | Chevrat Pinto Ashdod Israel
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Chevrat Pinto Ashdod Israel

About This Location

A panoramic view of sand dunes meets the eye. A spiritual and physical wasteland prevailed in the southern port city of Ashdod. In this city that had its roots in utter desolation, Moreinu V’Rabbeinu Rabbi David Chananya Pinto, shlita, has succeeded in establishing a magnificent community. Currently, Ashdod is recognized throughout the world as a center of Torah. The project has proven to be an amazing success. Specifically amidst the desert and spiritual wilderness, the rays of the holy Torah cast its light, illuminating its surroundings. The blend of Torah scholars in the city of Ashdod is unique, since it includes a large variety of Jews from all over the world. They share one objective, uniting them all, which is to acquire the crown of Torah through toiling in it.

Against a magnificent background, looms the splendid building of the institutions of Orot Chaim U’Moshe, which serves as a miniature Mikdash, where the Shechinah finds its sanctuary, since it is designated for Torah and prayer. In this place, situated within visible distance of the holy gravesite of the saintly tzaddik, Rabbi Moshe Aharon Pinto, zt”l, everyone learns Torah daily, led by the avrechim of the kollel. They dedicate themselves entirely to the study of Torah, as it says (Bamidbar 19:14), “This is the Torah regarding a man if he will die in a tent” – the tent referring to the halls of Torah. Alongside them, learn the worthy businessmen, who, despite their many professional obligations, concern themselves with eternal values by setting fixed times for Torah study. The picture is completed by the sweet children, who diligently come to learn in addition to their regular learning schedule, and increase their Torah knowledge and pure yirat shamayim, in order to ascend to greater heights.