Chevrat Pinto NYC | Chevrat Pinto Ashdod
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Chevrat Pinto Ashdod

About This Location

One of the most outstanding achievements in the holy activities of Moreinu V’Rabbeinu, the tzaddik, Rabbi David Chananya Pinto, shlita, is the Yeshiva Gedola Torat David in Ashdod. The yeshiva, which numbers approximately eighty students, is personally directed by the Rav, shlita. All those who know the Rav well can testify that whenever anything concerning the yeshiva is mentioned, his face immediately lights up, and he pays special attention to all its issues. This is because these students devote themselves entirely to studying in the halls of Torah, investing all their energies in plumbing the depths of Abaye and Rava’s teaching through the holy words of the Gemara, which ensures the continuation of the Jewish nation.

The Rav constantly emphasizes that the educational staff should see to the personal welfare of each student “that they should learn with delight, and that they should know and sense all the time that the entire world stands and continues to exist upon their Torah studies.” The place is equipped with all the necessary requirements for the development of diligent Torah scholars, including full dormitory facilities. The yeshiva’s good name is known far and wide. Boys from the best yeshivot in the land knock on its door each year in anticipation of being accepted, since they know that in this yeshiva there is a special emphasis placed on growth in Torah and derech eretz.