Chevrat Pinto NYC | Chevrat Pinto France
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Chevrat Pinto France

About This Location

Paris, France. It is a large bustling city, boasting a large population of hundreds of thousands of people. It serves as a major tourist center, as well as a large commercial and residential area. It is as corrupt as it is large. Tumah and immodesty prevail in every street corner. An atmosphere of indulgence and secularism dominates. Kedushah, Torah, and spirituality, are foreign concepts to the teenagers and young children here. The youth are inherently pure, but because of their lack of proper education and guidance, they fall prey to the Yetzer Hara who lurks in every corner, luring them into sin with the flashing lights of every type of pleasure and indulgence.

In the midst of the darkness, there is a burning torch facing the tumah and secularism that pervades the streets of Paris like the bitter waters, serving as a dam to stem the tides. Although it is small in comparison to the giant waves threatening to overwhelm it, it stands firm against the threats of the times. It offers a pleasant alternative to the illusionary lights of Paris; it is the light of Ohr Chaim U’Moshe. In the institutions of Ohr Chaim U’Moshe, headed by Moreinu V’Rabbeinu, the tzaddik, Rabbi David Chananya Pinto, shlita, all are toiling and dedicating themselves diligently to improving their life of kedushah and Torah in the midst of Paris and outside of it as well. Within the framework of the institutions, which are under the constant supervision and personal guidance of Moreinu V’Rabbeinu, shlita, many people find what they are seeking, igniting the spark of Judaism in their heart.

It is obvious that the activities of the institution are blessed with Divine assistance. The Rabbi is involved with the adults, and his sons, may they live long, assist the youth. The planting is done with many tears; however there are many sweet fruit sown as a result.

In this place, one can observe a person who just the day before did not know that he was a Jew, yet at present serves his Creator with intense love. One can also see a person who barely learned Torah in the past and was on the fringe, but has been inspired by the warm love shown to him by Moreinu V’Rabbeinu to return to the ways of the Torah. There are countless Jews who have found their way home specifically in this place. They have arrived and continue to progress, sensing heartfelt gratitude to Moreinu V’Rabbeinu, who continues to guide them and accompanies them and their families through all their challenges in life.