Chevrat Pinto NYC | Chevrat Pinto Jerusalem
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Chevrat Pinto Jerusalem

About This Location

Within the holy city of Yerushalayim, a director strings together pearls of Torah and kedushah. The magnificent kehillah of “Peninei David” is thriving in glory. The sounds of Torah rise, permeating the institutions in the neighborhood of Bayit V’Gan during Shabbat, as well as during the week. The activities that began years ago became permanently established approximately a year and a half ago. This is when the institutions moved from their previous location to the new and splendid building, appropriate for housing the exalted Torah. Whoever visits its halls are immediately impressed by its cleanliness and the order that prevails. One can see throngs of people who live in the area, and from all over Yerushalayim, come to establish fixed times in learning Torah, each one according to his schedule. Moreinu V’Rabbeinu, the Tzaddik, Rabbi David Chananya Pinto, shlita, succeeded in establishing and directing this beautiful place, while constantly concerning himself with the needs of all those learning at all hours of the day.

A unique atmosphere permeates this magnificent Torah center, attracting a large variety of people on different levels. Among those who visit its halls, one can observe important leaders of Torah, who come to prepare the lectures that they deliver in various yeshivot. They sit alongside educated avrechim and even common laymen and simple people. Everyone joins together in this holy location. The institution houses a well-stocked library containing sefarim concerning a wide range of Torah subjects. There are gemarot, mishnayot, important sh’utim, alongside sefarim of mussar, halachah, and aggadah from various publications, so that anyone searching for knowledge can find whatever he seeks.


20 November